Tenant Involvement

If you care about your home, where you live and the services that you receive, why not help us to improve what we do and how we do it?

You can help improve the area where you live, set up events in your community or work with us to improve the services that we offer to all tenants.

Performance Monitoring Panel

Our performance monitoring panel is made up of tenants and meets every two months. At these meetings we review performance from the different teams such as Repairs or specific pieces of work such as how estate walkabouts are managed. The team managers come along so that we can ask questions and make suggestions.

Anyone can come along to meeting and raise issues but to have a vote on recommendations you have to be nominated and elected to the panel. Tenants are elected by the panel every year.

Performance Monitoring Panel

Service Improvement Panel

Our Service Improvement Panel works with officers to make improvements to the way that services are delivered. For example, we have tried and tested the online housing application process to make sure it works and to consider it from a service user point of view.

Tenant Forum

Our Tenant Forum meets quarterly and considers issues that impact across the whole district i.e. not just one area. The Tenant Forum often considers national policy that may impact on tenants lived. Anyone can attend the Forum to have their say and you do not need to be elected.

The forum usually starts with a coffee morning for charity, so why not come along and join us?

Tenant Scrutiny Panel

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel is made up of seven tenants who scrutinise specific areas of service delivery throughout the year. During 2019 the panel is looking at welfare reform and universal credit.

The tenant scrutiny panel also managed the 3td stage of our complaints process before complaints are considered by the Housing Ombudsman

We will work with you so you can improve your knowledge, learn new skills and meet new people.

We also run surveys, workshops and consultations asking our tenants for their opinions on policy, service and helping you influence local and national policy that effect tenants. If you would like to be involved in one of these sessions please register your interest at: housing@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk