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Customer Journey Survey

22 December 2020

To help us better understand your customer experience after receiving housing services from the council, we are carrying out a telephone survey for feedback.

Viewpoint, which currently conducts the housing tenant’s satisfaction surveys, will be doing this on our behalf. The survey will allow us to better understand our tenant’s journey and your thoughts on the service and help us to tailor improved and more responsive services in the future. The survey will also gather information on how you give us feedback and how this can be developed to provide an inclusive and responsive tenant engagement strategy.

This survey went live on Monday 14 December 2020 and will continue until the end of January 2021.

The survey will concentrate on areas including:

  • The application stage – Understanding your needs and the support given
  • Moving in – condition of property, tenancy support etc.
  • Requesting a service – repairs, rent, tenancy management, anti-social behaviour
  • Value for money – what we spend on, how you decide
  • Giving feedback – ease of doing so, did we respond, how can we improve

If you are asked to participate in the survey, we will appreciate you taking the short time to provide your feedback. Viewpoint will be more than happy to call you back at a time and date better for you if you are contacted at an unsuitable time.

For further information on this consultation or for assistance, please contact Caroline Wagstaff, Housing Projects Business Manager, by email: or telephone 07929 864 367.