Shape Our Services

If you care about your home, where you live and the services that you receive, why not help us to improve what we do and how we do it. You can help improve the area where you live, set up events in your community or work with us to improve the services that we offer to all tenants.

At Newark and Sherwood Homes, we have a way of getting involved which suits everyone, including:

  • Joining the company's board or the panel that scrutinise what NSH does
  • Looking at how NSH performs and challenging this
  • Considering how services can be improved
  • Championing local issues
  • Providing a social and support network for people where you live
  • Influencing local and national policies that effect tenants

We will work with you so you can improve your knowledge and learn new skills - these might even help you get into work or training

Get in touch with us and let's improve together.