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We can help you stay safe and secure in your home

Careline provides peace of mind for you, your family and friends for you to live independently in your own home knowing there is always someone there to answer your call.

Careline is a 24/7 service providing assistance at a touch of a button through a small unit installed in your home with a pendant. It's available to anyone, provided that there is a phone line in their property.  

The Careline is monitored by our locally based, trained and professional staff 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you need urgent assistance or are worried, we are just a push of the button away and we will get you the assistance that you need.

We will always answer your call and because you have a Careline with us we know who you are, where you live and what your circumstances are , also including any medical conditions that you have. We can also call a neighbour, family member or emergency service for you if you need them, because we will have the necessary information on file.

Charges start from £3.65 per week and we will install within 5 days of our agreement with you.

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Careline - what our customers say

Mr Mills had a Careline installed after he had suffered a stroke. He is a keen gardener, so wants peace of mind when he is out working and his Careline helps him to live independently.

'I'm very pleased with the Careline service. I love gardening, so it helps me to feel confident when I'm out working in case I have any trouble.'  



Monitoring service

Once you have a Careline in your home, if you need more help or assurance, we can install additional equipment that can automatically let us know if you have fallen or become confused and wandered from your home. For the Careline to be a viable option, a phone line must be installed in your property.

Charges start from £0.50 per week

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Tenant support services

 If you are renting from Newark and Sherwood Homes or Newark and Sherwood District Council we can also:

  • Help you with ways to pay your rent

  • Support you to keep to your tenancy agreement

  • Signpost you to other services for assistance, for example, care needs

  • Help you with household insurance

  • Help you move home

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